Episode 7: Dominique Luster


Dominique Luster, Teenie Harris archivist at the Carnegie Museum of Art, discusses her TED Talk and her role in building community to better steward a large photographic collection documenting African American life in mid-twentieth century Pittsburgh. Her experiences in cleaning up “dirty data” and her thoughts on archivists’ understanding of professionalism round out the conversation.

Episode Extras

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Watch Dominique’s TEDx Talk in Pittsburgh, given in June 2018, titled “Archives Have the Power to Boost Marginalized Voices,” and read her article on the same topic in the November/December 2018 issue of Archival Outlook.

Episode 6: Anthony Cocciolo

Cocciolo head shot

Anthony Cocciolo, dean of the Pratt Institute School of Information, speaks about his award-winning book, Moving Image and Sound Collections for Archivists. He discusses his inspiration for the book and explains how his recommendations can be realized even in small archival programs. He also shares his thoughts on archival outreach for audiovisual and other archival collections.


Episode Extras
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Most archivists encounter and most archives contain some form of moving image and sound material. This book offers practical guidance on how to preserve and make accessible the moving image and sound record, from the most relevant legacy formats to born-digital formats. Cocciolo won the SAA Waldo Gifford Leland Award for best publication in 2017 and the Arline Custer Memorial Award from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference in 2018. The book is available from the Society of American Archivists.