Season 2, Episode 5: Teresa Brinati


The Society of American Archivists has a remarkably robust publications program. Providing continuity behind-the-scenes is the director of publishing Teresa Brinati, who gives a guided tour of the wide-ranging program and invites archivists of all experience levels to imagine themselves as authors and to find their place within SAA’s suite of digital and print publications. She also divulges what she, as a non-archivist, appreciates most about the archival profession and the archivists she has encountered during her lengthy career with SAA.


Episode Extras

Forum Cover Aug 2018 Teresa has shared successful strategies and experiences from SAA with the association industry in a number of articles, including “Remote Possibilities: Telecommuting Is Gaining Momentum” (Oct 2019), “The Business of Memory Keeping” (Aug 2018), “Getting the Most Out of #GivingTuesday” (Mar 2018), “By the Numbers: Disrupting Membership Programs” (Aug 2017), and “Annual Meeting-Palooza: Rock Your Publications and Make Your Authors Feel Like Rock Stars” (June 2017) in FORUM Magazine. She has also presented “A Hybrid Approach to Open Access Publishing” at the Art Libraries Society of North America’s 45th Annual Conference (Feb 2017) and highlights archivists in SAA’s Archival Outlook, as in the May/June 2016 article “The Music Man: Peter Balestrieri’s Journey from Punk Rock Band to Special Collections.”

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