Tell Archives in Context Your Thoughts!

ARCHIVES*RECORDS 2022 marks SAA’s first hybrid conference, with many of us coming together in-person for the first time in several years while others are tuning in virtually from around the country. Archives in Context wants to hear from you—what are your reflections on our evolving hybrid work environments during the pandemic and how are we moving forward?

You can respond to any or all of the following prompts:

  1. How does it feel attending SAA’s hybrid Annual Meeting? What’s exciting about connecting with other archivists again?
  2. In the last few years of being home, did you develop any “pandemic hobbies”?
  3. Who became your new “office best friend” while working from home?
  4. We all know the pandemic was really challenging, but what were some of the “glass half full” things we can take away from it?
  5. What’s been your favorite presentation from the conference? Are there ideas you want to bring back to your work?
  6. Tell us how you really feel—did you miss the office? How many naps did you take during the work day while at home?!

How to Contribute

Email with your response to any or all of the prompts. You may choose to respond in written form or you can record your voice on your phone and send it to us as an attachment. Don’t forget to include your name and institution. Submissions will be open through September 1, 2022.

Responses received may be edited for length and clarity. Not all responses received will be included in the episode. By submitting an email or voicemail, you are consenting for your words and/or voice to be included in a future episode of Archives in Context. Individual names of contributors will not be included in the episode.

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