Episode 7: Dominique Luster


Dominique Luster, Teenie Harris archivist at the Carnegie Museum of Art, discusses her TED Talk and her role in building community to better steward a large photographic collection documenting African American life in mid-twentieth century Pittsburgh. Her experiences in cleaning up “dirty data” and her thoughts on archivists’ understanding of professionalism round out the conversation.

Episode Extras

luster in pittsburgh2


Watch Dominique’s TEDx Talk in Pittsburgh, given in June 2018, titled “Archives Have the Power to Boost Marginalized Voices,” and read her article on the same topic in the November/December 2018 issue of Archival Outlook.

One thought on “Episode 7: Dominique Luster

  1. Charles Arnold says:

    Very enlightening interview, listened intently and was very impressed with Ms. Luster’s views on the role of archival professionals, professionalism, and the archival profession. She was forthright, yet very humble while articulating her position. I am in full agreement with her views on the inclusion of marginalized voices to enhance the archival profession.

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