Season 2 of Archives in Context


The Society of American Archivists (SAA) is delighted to present Season 2 of Archives in Context, a podcast highlighting archival literature and technologies, and most importantly, the people behind them. Cosponsored by SAA’s Publications Board, American Archivist Editorial Board, and Committee on Public Awareness, the podcast explores the often moving and important work of memory-keeping.

Archivists are continually in conversation. Whether talking in person at conferences, on listservs, through the professional literature, or on social media, these conversations move the profession forward. Each podcast episode offers a commute- or workout-length interview with an archives professional who enriches the field and practice. Hosts Chris Burns, Ashley Levine, Nicole Milano, and Anna Trammell interview authors, storytellers, and editors so that you can hear more conversations from the world of archives. With production coordinated by Colleen McFarland Rademaker and Bethany Anderson, the podcast also includes guest contributor Caryn Radick.

Season 2, released September 2019, features interviews with Peter Wosh, editor of SAA’s Archival Fundamentals Series III; Laura Millar, author of A Matter of Facts: The Value of Evidence in an Information Age; Christine Weideman and Mary Caldera, editors of Archival Values: Essays in Honor of Mark A. Greene; Davia Nelson of The Kitchen Sisters, co-host of The Keepers podcast; Teresa Brinati, director of Publishing at SAA;  Kathleen D. Roe, author of Advocacy and Awareness for Archivists; and Margot Note, author of Creating Family Archives: A Step-by-Step Guide to Saving Your Memories for Future Generations.

Listen to the full season now via the Archives in Context website, Google PlaySpotify, and iTunes.

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