Season 2, Episode 1: Peter Wosh


SAA Fellow Peter Wosh, editor of the Archival Fundamental Series III and former director of the Archives/Public History Program at New York University, kicks off the second season of Archives in Context. Peter discusses his path to archival work and the ways that teaching changed his understanding of archival practice. He also reveals the process behind reimagining the Archives Fundamental Series and what archivists can expect from the seven new volumes.


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The seven-volume Archival Fundamental Series III published by the Society of American Archivists, provides a gateway to contemporary archival best practices. Whether a student, new professional, seasoned archival veteran, or in the information science and public history fields, you’ll find the books in this series accessible, stimulating, and indispensable to your daily work. In addition to editing the series, Peter is the author of Volume 7: Introducing Archives and Manuscripts, forthcoming 2021.  In the meantime, check out his other SAA books, Waldo Gifford Leland and the Origins of the American Archival Profession andPrivacy & Confidentiality Perspectives: Archivists & Archival Records or his award-winning American Archivist essay, “Going Postal.”

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